A comprehensive range of maths kits created for each class makes mathematics more interesting for students, removes math-phobia and helps them excel in their daily math activities. Experiment and activity based Alpha Ganith Math Lab kit makes children to remember the math concepts for long term in his/her permanent Brain memory.

Mathematics Lab Kit

Maths Kit provides opportunity to students to understand and appreciate the applications of mathematics in their surroundings and real life situations. These activities involve both the mind and hands of the student working together, which facilitates cognition.

Mathematical Laboratary

The main aim of the mathematics laboratory is to initiate children to enjoy mathematics, pose and solve meaningful problems, to use abstraction to perceive relationships and structure and to understand the basic structure of mathematics.


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“I have purchased Math Lab Kit for my kids in Standard 2. It is actually entertaining and educating at the same time for them. They are in love with their Math Lab Kit.”

Lisa, Dina's mom

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