A comprehensive range of maths kits created for use in the classroom.


A comprehensive range of maths kits created for each class makes mathematics more interesting for students, removes math-phobia and helps them excel in their daily math activities. Experiment and activity based Alpha Ganith Math Lab kit makes children to remember the math concepts for long term in his/her permanent Brain memory. 


It provides an opportunity for the students to discover through doing. In many of the activities, students learn to deal with problems while doing concrete activity, which lays down a base for more abstract thinking. These activities may involve the use of materials, models, charts, pictures, games and puzzles. It helps the students to demonstrate abstract mathematical ideas by using Models, Charts, Graphs, and Pictures etc. Creates interest for mathematics in their tender and fear ridden minds and make complicated things simple and easy.


Mathematics being a compulsory subject of study, access to quality mathematics education is every child's right. On the other hand, mathematics education in our schools is beset with problems.

We work for the development of mathematical education along with other areas for the development of students across the globe.

Math Lab Kits believes that the present generation will be best remembered for the compassion and care shown towards children.

Math Lab Kits stands for leading and consolidating the efforts of individuals and groups working to achieve the healthy development and constructive education for the young generations to come.

Math Lab Kits intends to utilise leading edge technology to effect a positive change of the society towards a child friendly world.